Come and hear the wonders of God

01 Jun 2017  Come and hear the wonders of God Christians across the world speak many languages today, but it wasn’t always like this. In the early days of the faith the gospel had yet to reach all corners of the globe. Then, on the first Pentecost after Jesus..Read More

Conversations with the Archbishop, Politics

Is democracy broken?

18 May 2017  Many people sense that we are on the edge of a precipice, with old authority structures collapsing and less accountable, more frightening ones replacing them, Archbishop Philip Freier said in a public conversation in Deakin Edge at Federation Square yeste..Read More

Conversations with the Archbishop

Talking about democracy

02 May 2017  "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time," British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once told the House of Commons. Churchill recognised the frustrations and..Read More


The day everything changed

11 Apr 2017  In a world that seems to have many dark clouds of threat, the first Easter Sunday changed everything, according to the Anglican Primate of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier. In his Easter 2017 message (see video below), Dr Freier says that ..Read More


A Lenten Message

28 Feb 2017  As Lent begins with Ash Wednesday tomorrow, I wanted to share with you a reflection on the meaning of Lent and how it ties in with the temptations of Jesus during his forty days and nights in the desert. Below you will see the video produced by Anglican ..Read More


Primate outlines priorities for 2017

01 Feb 2017  Anglican Primate of Australia, Dr Philip Freier, recently visited his former parish of Bundaberg, where he outlined his four key priorities for 2017. This is a recording of that address produced by Vision Christian Radio's Matt Gees [10 minutes 29 seconds..Read More


Christ’s inclusive vision

16 Dec 2016  Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at this season, has shown us how to think big, how to be truly generous and inclusive, Archbishop Philip Freier suggests in his 2016 Christmas message. The Incarnation, where God takes on human flesh in the person of Jesus,..Read More


Banks lose moral authority

12 Dec 2016  Banks have lost their moral authority, and the social contract that has long been in place between banks and the public has broken down, according to Archbishop Philip Freier. Speaking with Walkley Award-winning Age journalist Adele Ferguson at the final ..Read More