Same-sex marriage

Please vote in the plebiscite

26 Aug 2017  Soon Australians will be given the opportunity to vote on whether to change Australia’s marriage law to include same-sex marriage.  I want to encourage all Anglicans to exercise their democratic right and support the postal plebiscite. Although the ..Read More


Hay and Hell and Booligal

10 Jul 2017  I survived Booligal, contrary to the warning of the great Australian poet Banjo Paterson, on a delightful trip to the Riverina at the weekend. Paterson’s poem Hay and Hell and Booligal, published in 1896, concludes: We'd have to stop!" With bated bre..Read More


‘The Lazarus of Australia’

06 Jul 2017  Australian history, as taught in the 20th century, involves stirring tales of heroism and adventure in which the Indigenous people occupied the background as wild people who were soon pacificed by the expansion of civilisation. In fact white settlemen..Read More


Letter to Australia’s bishops

03 Jul 2017  To the bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia Dear Brothers and Sisters, You will have received correspondence from Archbishop Glenn Davies and Bishop Richard Condie advising of their intention to participate in the consecration of a bishop fo..Read More


Finkel report welcome

13 Jun 2017  I welcome the report by Australia's chief scientist, Alan Finkel, into Australia's energy market. Few issues in Australian domestic politics and infrastructure have been more vexed than how to safeguard a secure and sustainable supply of energy with low e..Read More


Come and hear the wonders of God

01 Jun 2017  Come and hear the wonders of God Christians across the world speak many languages today, but it wasn’t always like this. In the early days of the faith the gospel had yet to reach all corners of the globe. Then, on the first Pentecost after Jesus..Read More

Conversations with the Archbishop, Politics

Is democracy broken?

18 May 2017  Many people sense that we are on the edge of a precipice, with old authority structures collapsing and less accountable, more frightening ones replacing them, Archbishop Philip Freier said in a public conversation in Deakin Edge at Federation Square yeste..Read More

Conversations with the Archbishop

Talking about democracy

02 May 2017  "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time," British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once told the House of Commons. Churchill recognised the frustrations and..Read More