Anti-Poverty Week

Disadvantage on our doorstep

22 Oct 2016  More than 2.5 million Australians, a quarter of them children, live in poverty. That means 15 per cent of the population face financial stress just trying to survive. And it’s more than not just having enough money. These people are locked out of cho..Read More


Refugees and our common humanity

19 Oct 2016  The dignity and worth of human life is the fundamental value that should underpin discussion of refugees seeking asylum in Australia – and underpin Government policy, according to Melbourne Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier. In the third of his Archb..Read More

Same-sex marriage

Conscience rules on marriage

09 Sep 2016  The Primate has written to Australia's Anglican bishops about the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite. Here is the text of the letter. Dear brothers and sisters, The proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage has been one of the more contentious top..Read More

Stolen Generations

Sorrow and success at St Mary’s

01 Aug 2016  St Mary’s Hostel in Alice Springs, like many institutions conducted by Europeans for Indigenous people, has a chequered history. It is a place where the race politics of Australia and particularly Central Australia has been lived out in the lives of sev..Read More

Federal election

Pathways to hope

30 Jun 2016  One in five Australians under 25 experience social exclusion, when someone experiences multiple overlapping problems that make it impossible to participate fully in society.  That is a staggering 250,000 people. Australia needs policies and programs t..Read More

Federal election

Out of service

28 Jun 2016  Mernda, in the northern growth corridor, is one of Melbourne’s fast growing suburbs. It is a pretty neighbourhood, with house-proud people in its homes, as I noted on a visit earlier this month, but this masks a great many severe social problems that sh..Read More

Federal election

Change and challenge

23 Jun 2016  The Geelong suburb of Corio is one of the poorest in Melbourne, ranked the seventh most-impoverished of Victoria's 667 postcodes, and the systematic disadvantages its residents suffer are increasing. What they need from the July 2 Federal election is urge..Read More


Free Asia Bibi

13 May 2016  It is nearly seven years since a young Pakistani Christian mother was condemned to die for blasphemy , and she still languishes in death row in a Pakistani prison. Her crime: to drink water from the same bucket as her Muslim co-workers, then to defend her..Read More