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First Thoughts – Remote Communities

03 Jun 2015  In the second of his series of videos, Archbishop Philip Freier discusses the plan to close remote communities in Western Australia, why these locations are important to Indigenous Australians and the Anglican Church's position of the matter. ..Read More

First Thoughts

The Budget 2015 – a deeper look

15 May 2015  In a new video series, Archbishop Freier discusses current issues. Today's topic is the 2015 budget - what are the pros, what are the cons, what should we be thinking about beyond the announcement of key features? If you'd like to join the conversation,..Read More


Time for a talk

04 Apr 2015  Conversation is the latest political buzzword. But contemporary political discourse shows that what politicians understand by this is less a dialogue than competing monologues in which the various political actors seek to manipulate the discussion to thei..Read More


Primate’s introductory speech at Anglican Futures conference

25 Mar 2015  Introductory speech, Anglican Futures conference, Melbourne, 25 March 2015 Welcome to Melbourne especially for those of you who are visitors from other parts of Victoria, from other states and territories and other countries. The Diocese of Melbourne..Read More


Testimony in blood

03 Mar 2015  When the murderers of Islamic State lined up 21 Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach on February 14 and beheaded them, they certainly intended it as a strike against Christians everywhere. They boasted morbidly about this atrocity in a graphic video entitl..Read More


Opening the 58th Victorian Parliament

13 Feb 2015  St Paul’s Cathedral, 9 February 2015 Readings: Joshua 1.1, 5-9 Romans 13.1-10 Luke 22.24-30 Prayers of Intersession based on Isaiah 9 It is a great pleasure that we are able to join here today to share together in this service of wo..Read More


First word

22 Dec 2014  "Welcome to First Word, the new blog site for the Anglican Primate of Australia, and part of a new website. I am so glad you have found your way here. The blog is called First Word because I hope it is merely the start of our conversation. I am looking f..Read More