Anglicans get 39th Province


Anglicans get 39th Province

30 Jul 2017 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has made a trip to Africa this week to inaugurate a new Anglican Province, the Communion’s 39th, the Premier news organisation reports. While in Sudan he will also focus on the South Sudanese refugee crisis.

The service is being held in the nation’s capital of Khartoum today.

Since the creation of South Sudan six years ago, the Sudanese Anglican church has been controlled from Juba, the capital of South Sudan. The province of South Sudan, which has a predominantly Christian population, asked the Anglican Consecutive Council (ACC)  to start a new province in Sudan.

The move has been in the works since April 2016 when the ACC sent a team to Sudan. The new Sudan province, which has mostly Muslim residents, is carved out of what was formerly called the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan.

Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo will be enthroned as the new leader of the province.

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