First woman archbishop


First woman archbishop

10 Feb 2018 

Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy has been installed as the eighth Archbishop of Perth and Australia’s first female archbishop at a service in Perth on Saturday February 10.

Bishop Kate Wilmot, the administrator, led the service and Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, took part.

Archbishop Goldsworthy was in the first group of women ordained priests in Australia in 1992, and later became Australia’s first woman bishop in Perth in 2008. In her sermon, Archbishop Goldsworthy said the “trust bank” for the churches had become depleted.

“How we look to the future together as church matters. Both for the close-up of our here and now, and as we faithfully give ourselves to proclaiming day by day, in words and actions, the centre of God’s great purpose of love,” she said.

In Perth, young and old, men and women ask themselves how has it come to this? “Those who sleep rough each night; women and children flee their homes every week because of violence; refugees and asylum seekers needing support each week. People all lose heart and hope and look for mercy and a word of welcoming love in all sorts of situations in all sorts of places. …  Jesus shows us still what it means to take up his love, to follow his way and to see the grandeur of God freed to see and serve, kneeling before others. No self-aggrandisement but alongside Jesus wonderfully free. Serving which is uncomfortable because it makes the back ache and knees hurt and hands calloused. Serving with heart, mind, strength.”

Picture: Archbishop Freier lays hands of consecration on Archbishop Goldsworthy. Picture: Chris Kershaw